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24th March 2015

Hi everyone, Sunny here. It has been a very exciting year so far, wishing you guys all the best in 2015! I would like to announce that: 

- I will continue blogging (or try to) 
- I will update my Goodreads page 
-> Goodreads Page Here

Although these two things may seem very small at the moment, I want to expand on it as time goes on, it's like baby steps. 

See you all next week!


One other thing: I would like to share my comparative essay that I wrote about on 'To Kill A Mockingbird' and 'The House of The Scorpion'. Both are amazing books, I highly recommend you to read them. But here's my essay, please feel free to add suggestions in the comment box below. 

To Kill A Mockingbird VS The House of The Scorpion
By Sunny C.

In both 'To Kill A Mockingbird' and 'The House of The Scorpion', the theme of injustice and how people are treated differently merely based on their looks, race, and/or identity is explored. Presented in a very abstract way, both express that in both text, the reader realises that inequality is happening everywhere, everyday, in society and is up to us to be in one's shoes and understand them.

'To Kill A Mockingbird' by Harper Lee is about how two children grow up under extraordinary circumstances in the very racist white community of Maycomb. Mainly told in a young child's point of view, readers discover how a brave lawyer steps up to prove innocence to Tom Robinson, a black man who has been accused of 'supposedly raping' a young white girl. Throughout the whole book, the readers become aware of the child's developing mindset and how it was influenced by the surrounding adults and the environment. On the other hand,  'The House of  The Scorpion' is a quite different story. Uncovering the many mysterious layers of human cloning just for a selfish desire to live longer, the reader travels through a life of Matteo Alacrán; a clone and victim of discrimination. While 'To Kill A Mockingbird' uncovers social inequality, 'The House of The Scorpion' explores the unforeseen story of eejits and clones; who/which are victim and affected by discrimination. Both books explore the theme of the unjust treatment by people, to people.

Both books clearly express their main objective; the claim or the symbol by the diversity of techniques. As an example,  flashbacks and flashforwards , dialogue and the reader knowing much more than the character itself, or the tone helps the reader understand the book in the more impactful manner while making them ponder upon the characters or perhaps the plot. Again, although both text use some same techniques, others are also used to shape each book different from the other.

Harper Lee and Nancy Farmer both manipulate the characteristics of the characters and the plot in order to successfully deliver the very abstract theme/symbol to the readers. For example, Tom Robinson in 'To Kill A Mockingbird' was shaped in a certain way that the author, Harper Lee could successfully construct a flabbergasting climax and resolution. From this, we can learn that the author's interesting crafting not only make a river-like flow to the plot, but also support the transition one part to another without many turbulence that could possibly side track the plot to something unallied. To add, we sometimes learn that another objective is to encounter the symbol. For example, in 'The House of The Scorpion', the scorpion may be possibly used to symbolism the wealthy, fierce family of El Patron, or even, El Patron himself as he may define himself as a powerful, lethal person.

On the other hand, both authors use symbolism to shape the book to contain a more compelling meaning. While looking at the titles of these text; 'To Kill A Mockingbird' and 'The House of The Scorpion', we see that although there is almost no connection, but looking cautiously we see two animals, mockingbird and scorpion. Both hold very special meaning to the literary plot and are what shape the book to be different. For example, in 'To Kill A Mockingbird' by Harper Lee, mockingbirds are a symbol to recognise some very important figures; such as Tom, Boo and Atticus. In the very beginning of the book, these characters are rather represented in a way that the reader will think of them in a negative way - with Boo being looked as a very 'shady' and evil person, Tom being described as a 'negro' which changes the reader's whole point of view towards the characters. Even so, we soon discover that these 'mockingbirds' are actually very righteous, innocent human beings. As Atticus once said, "You never know a person until you climb into his shoes" This comes back to the topic of how people are still being mistreated based on their looks, race, identity, etc. And so, whereas in 'To Kill A Mockingbird' the explores justice and the true warmness of a human being, El Patron from 'The House of The Scorpion' is the opposite of the mockingbirds. As the story sets in 'The House of The Scorpion', we are fooled by his "second face", which portrays his false personality and colours. It is later on in the story where his true colours are revealed.

It is revealed that a lot more discrimination is explicitly portrayed in 'The House of The Scorpion". Matt, a clone of El Patron, is a great example. Ever since Matt was discovered by the rich children, he had been treated like dirt from many people. It was when Rosa, one of the housemaids took it too far one day. Rosa had ordered the gardeners to build a pen full of sawdust and  put Matt in it without food and water for a few days. After hearing the devastating news, El Patron orders Rosa to be transformed into an eejit; a person or a thing who only takes in orders and nothing else. In spite of what Rosa had done to Matt, Matt steps up and tries to help Rosa wake up from her eejit state. Somehow, Matt can be compared to Atticus in 'To Kill A Mockingbird', as both Atticus and Matt try to help others despite the hatred they may get.

Celia and Calpurnia can also be compared. Another different; but interesting characters, both seem to portray love to everyone. Both share similar characteristics of being kind and being open minded despite their situation and what people may say about them. Although both are much different from the people they are surrounded by, Celia (human) taking care of Matt (clone) and Calpurnia (black) taking care of Atticus's children (white), they seem to express motherly love to the characters. For example, while many human beings may express direct hatred and love to a clone, Celia and her warmness embraces Matt with her love. Calling him "Mi Vida", which means 'my life' in spanish, we learn that Celia is even willing to give up her life if it is for Matt.

In conclusion, both text represent outstanding messages to the reader about the evil and the innocent. Teaching us in a way that we learn that it is up to us to "go into one's shoes" to appreciate and understand each other, we also learn that regardless of society, we should care for all humans , as on the inside, we all look the same.

Friday, April 25, 2014


A Friday. 

So......let's start easy. What are themes? Themes are the moral, the lesson you learn from books, movies, speeches etc etc. Some themes we usually keep coming back to are love, friendship, trust. These themes keep coming back to us because they are the guidelines to life. They tell us what we should do, and what we should not do. And that's what makes them special and endure. Sometimes themes even remind us how the world is like; for example - how it's like on the other side of the earth, about being human; like how some people live everyday without their needs, using less than a dollar each day on day... 

Themes just keep coming at us because it knows our problems and how we should live in a better, serene world. How we should treat each other by the same ways,... 



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Wed 16 Apr 2014

- A Magazine Page by Sunny- #Science 
Squirrel #POWER
“Oh, look at that cutie” - “Oooh mum look at that squirrel!”  
Awhhhh. Squirrels. Sah Cute.  Adorable. 

*mumbles* W-what?! [ confused x2 ]
Apparently,  the world won’t end in fire. Not by ice. SO NOT by kamikaze attacks on the power grid by squirrels. 
It’s just a possibility. Maybe. 
Squirrels really love to bite and gnaw on things. 
*Interesting Fact: Also gnawing on power plant lines. *
*Another Interesting Fact: Squirrels bite anything they can see.* 
Squirrels cut power to a regional airport in Virginia, a Veterans Affairs medical center in Tennessee, a university in Montana and a Trader Joe’s in South Carolina. Five days after the Trader Joe’s went down, another squirrel cut power to 7,200 customers in Rock Hill, S.C., on the opposite end of the state. Rock Hill city officials assured the public that power outages caused by squirrels were “very rare” and that the grid was “still a reliable system.” Nine days later, 3,800 more South Carolinians lost power after a squirrel blew up a circuit breaker in the town of Summerville. 
Don’t Panic. Theres more. But I’m not writing more (not because im lazy but that there’s too much cases of squirrels cutting out power.   

To add on, there are squirrels that electrocute themselves. Mmm. 
But that’s not all. There’s two more that disrupt - uh - electricity. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Maybe Too Much?

Mon 31 Mar 2014 (How did I even get the idea to write the date?) 

Hello World - 
I am not dead. It's just that this draft has been postponed for there were literally TONS and TONS of tests, reviews, quizzes and projects. Maybe it's just middle school. 
3 Observations: From a typical Middle Schooler's eyes 

#1: Everywhere you go, people's eyes are glued to electronic devices.
Thesis: They're workaholics or they just like their electronic devices. 
Secret Confession: i am an iphone addict. 

#2: Social Media is getting big. 
Thesis: Even though we meet friends, we are still attached to our phones. 

#3: Earphones in ears.
Thesis: The majority of the people are listening to music, it's unusual. 
Audiobooks vs Books

It's the holidays (can I hear a whoop whoop), so I decided to get back with books. I asked my friends for recommendations of books and their responses were to go to audible.com and get some audiobooks. Without thinking, I went to Audible, (an audiobook website) to get some audiobooks of books I wanted to read. But just about I was about to purchase audiobooks, I hesitated. I really didn't know which one I should buy, so I wanted to get some opinions on audiobooks. Are books better than audiobooks? 

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Something New?

Sun 23 Mar 

Hello World - 
May I have your attention please. 
Quick Apologies, I have been very busy this moth with school work so I couldn't write anything. On the bright side, I'll be back power blogging! Yes, I promise to finish the rest of the blogging challenge, and I wanted to try this and that ( a lot of things) to try on my blog. If you have any suggestions I can do, comment it in the comment section below please! ((: 
*Warning: Expect the Unexpected. 

#1: Infographic 

An infographic is a visual representation of information or data. Reason I chose to start out with an infographic was because recently we finished our Humanities formative task, to make an infographic on comparing your own country with Vietnam. (below is my infographic)
A small pop question: Do you see any connection with ROK (Republic of Korea) and Vietnam? (Hint: It is somewhere on the infographic)

As you can see, Vietnam obviously has more population and labour force. Shouldn't that mean Vietnam earns more money than Korea? Well, the answer is no! More people and labour force doesn't always mean more money. I thought this was a very interesting observation, since most of my classmates said that more population + labour force = more money. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Whoopies Daisies.

Wed 19 Feb << My Draft >> Today: Sat 22 Feb 2014

Hi there - 
I know, Whoopies Daisies. I felt like things were going to be better, and they have been better! I now know that most of my downs are going to be my ups, and my shell is just there recovering itself. I'm really sorry for the delay of the blogging challenges, I promise those kinds of delays won't happen again. But hey, I found an awesome video that I found on youtube that I'd really like to share. 
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sohGDfNQV7M

This video really inspired me. I was in awe, I was just actually, dumbfounded. This speaker really expressed her thoughts and honest opinions on how she wanted to live, and the fact that she was such an amazing speaker with great humour and striking confidence truly inspired me. 

Day 6: Draw/Paint Something 
Personally I am not a great drawer... so I made something 'creative' with my m n m's. 
Later on I got bored so I started writing some creative ways to get your artwork into a museum. Here is one way I made. 

1. Draw Scribbles. 
2. Name your artwork : "Disorder In Our Economy"
3. Enjoy. 

Day 7: What I did today

As usual, on Saturdays I go to a literacy English tuition called 'Reading Plus.' Seika and I go there every saturdays. Right now we are reading a book called 'My Brother Sam is Dead." I find it quite interesting since I learn about people's opinions, a lot of themes and historical events such as the American Revolutionary War #COUP-D'ETAT. After that Seika and I went to our Taekwondo Academy. I was really proud that Seika got a double in her taekwondo exam! So seika learnt her new pattern and I learnt self-defence. Tomorrow I'm having my Taekwondo exam for my second black belt level. 

Day 8: Best Friends
Em. My best friends. Can I say everyone?

Day 9: Best thing to do in winter
When I was young in Korea I would call my friends to build snowmans and shake trees that have snow so we could have a 'snow rain', drink hot chocolate, etc. If I can go to somewhere that snows alot like in Norway, I would LOVE to try snowboarding and skiing. 

Day 10: Dream Travel Destination
I've always wanted to go somewhere near the Himalayas, in Nepal, or to travel all around the states in the US. I'm actually quite happy that I can go to Nepal for my service trip! 

Day 11: Favourite Outfit
My Nike shirts. I absolutely love the little 'sayings' they have such as 'Kiss my Sass'. :D 

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Sun 16 Feb 2013

I am having weird thoughts. I think I am undergoing a slump. I just don't know. 
So I drew a drawing. Sorry for the bad quality photo and drawing.

First Picture: A person is covered in a shell. The shell is like the ozone layer, it protects the person from slumps, the bad stuff and bad luck. 

Second Picture: (This is my interpretation on what's happening to me.) The protective shell is broken, and all the bad stuff is badgering me. I think that shells are fragile but can be strong at times, and will reconstruct itself after being broken. 

Speaking of shells, it reminds me of a video I watched in my English class. It is a beautifully expressed choreography by Harry shum jr.

Day Five: Favourite Quote 
"Just keeping moving forward and don't give a sh*t about what anybody thinks. Do what you have to do, for you." -Johnny Depp

"Who are you to judge the life I live? I am not perfect and I don't have to be! Before you point your fingers, make sure they are clean" -Bob Marley 

Here are some quotes I made: 
"The alarm clock is too soft for me to hear." 
"No matter how hard life is, I will always smile like an idiot."