Saturday, November 16, 2013


Sun 16 Nov.2013

Heya everyone (: So here's some random poems I wrote (; enjoyyy 


I sometimes wonder
Imagining breaking through
frozen waves
Fighting fear for
the selfish pain
that is worth it. 
I wish 
to be a dust
where I can be free
like the sea animals
in the deep blue sea.
Still fight 
and I don't know why.
Maybe that's how this repeats
like how the clock ticks. 


The rain.
droplets that turn
into rough violent snippets
of water
just in a snap.
that hit people without
the umbrella
that protects you
from the thrusting rain
that makes you fuzzy and warm
that shines with their rainbow colours
or their original clarity 
of transparentness.
the rain drowns you again 
and chases relentlessly

-Sunny C.
please comment on how I should/can improve my poems! I like freestyle, so I wrote them like this :P 
shank you for reading :D 


  1. Love that you are using this space to get feeback for your poems. Let's work on these the next few weeks in your notebook and see how they change and grow from there./

  2. I think that the poems are really good and you can tell that you put some thought into the words. - Kiana :)