Thursday, December 12, 2013


Thu 12 Dec 

Long Time No See Everyone! Today I'll be talking about something that is starting to grow and is fun. *loads of fun. Its called... 

P                                      Being honest, I had no idea of what poetry was and thought 
     O                                 why people would write poetry. And so I had struggles finding
          E                            the definition and the true meaning of poetry. But after I 
                T                      watched some spoken word poetry and reading poems, I found
                     R                 that poetry could be so fun and enjoyable. Although I may not
                          Y            be good, I also think that it isnt about being good and perfect
                                !       in everything, I think that it is about WHAT you enjoy and like
                                        to do. And thats why people say "enjoy your life" / "capture                                             the moment"...etc. I really like and found poet Sarah Kay very                                         inspiring, watch her TED videos here!; I was                                                                   mesmerised by her performed poems and I strongly                                                         recommend to watch her books and videos! 

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  1. I would be curious what you have learned since we began this unit. Perhaps you are do for another post on poetry.