Saturday, February 15, 2014


Sat 15 Feb 2014 

Hello friends and strangers - 
I am officially falling behind. 
I need to read 100 pages for the 'Book Thief' but I left it at school. 
I also need to write claims/universal claims on my character Hans Hubermann but I can't since I don't have my book with me at the moment.
I started with my Blog Challenge but I am falling behind. A LOT. 
I need to do my humanities homework but my lover aka my macbook is distracting me. 
My other lover aka Flappy Bird is making me play with him all day long.
I need to survive this slump

But here are some Catch Ups. << is that a word 

Day 2,3 & 4 

Day 2: Dreams + Goals 
Dreams: I never thought about my dream but after reading a book named 'Monster' by Walter Dean Myers I wanted to be a person that can protect another. A lawyer or a prosecutor. I really don't know how my future will go like, hopefully a few years later I can really 'find myself', know who I really am, figure out what I am really good at. 
- I will aim to continue my GC, Flags of Nepal until 12th grade!
- To try local services and help out people! 
- Fix my habit of biting my nails. 
- Read more. 
- Stop my swearing habit. I swear a lot when I'm mad.
- Live and die happy. 

Day 3: Favourite thing to do
Analyse song lyrics. Whenever I listen to songs, I take close note on the lyrics! I also like to try new things, such as composing on Garageband.

Day 4: Special Memories 
- In 5th grade I met an extremely famous Korean singer, Insooni while shopping with my grandma. 
- Today one of my besties Seika got a double on her Taekwondo Test! I'm really proud of Seika! (: 
- As a baby I was a fast walker; I started walking when I was seven monthes :D. 


  1. Hang in there. I love that you chose to express your frustration and anxiety in writing,. That is a good sign. We all get stressed. Hopefully you can find ways to get over it.

  2. It's true. Flappy bird and your computer can be distracting. They're practically asking for it. I like you books inspire us to be someone we want to be in the future. Now I kind of want to read the book Monster too.

    Thanks for the second memory! xP