Saturday, February 22, 2014

Whoopies Daisies.

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Hi there - 
I know, Whoopies Daisies. I felt like things were going to be better, and they have been better! I now know that most of my downs are going to be my ups, and my shell is just there recovering itself. I'm really sorry for the delay of the blogging challenges, I promise those kinds of delays won't happen again. But hey, I found an awesome video that I found on youtube that I'd really like to share. 

This video really inspired me. I was in awe, I was just actually, dumbfounded. This speaker really expressed her thoughts and honest opinions on how she wanted to live, and the fact that she was such an amazing speaker with great humour and striking confidence truly inspired me. 

Day 6: Draw/Paint Something 
Personally I am not a great drawer... so I made something 'creative' with my m n m's. 
Later on I got bored so I started writing some creative ways to get your artwork into a museum. Here is one way I made. 

1. Draw Scribbles. 
2. Name your artwork : "Disorder In Our Economy"
3. Enjoy. 

Day 7: What I did today

As usual, on Saturdays I go to a literacy English tuition called 'Reading Plus.' Seika and I go there every saturdays. Right now we are reading a book called 'My Brother Sam is Dead." I find it quite interesting since I learn about people's opinions, a lot of themes and historical events such as the American Revolutionary War #COUP-D'ETAT. After that Seika and I went to our Taekwondo Academy. I was really proud that Seika got a double in her taekwondo exam! So seika learnt her new pattern and I learnt self-defence. Tomorrow I'm having my Taekwondo exam for my second black belt level. 

Day 8: Best Friends
Em. My best friends. Can I say everyone?

Day 9: Best thing to do in winter
When I was young in Korea I would call my friends to build snowmans and shake trees that have snow so we could have a 'snow rain', drink hot chocolate, etc. If I can go to somewhere that snows alot like in Norway, I would LOVE to try snowboarding and skiing. 

Day 10: Dream Travel Destination
I've always wanted to go somewhere near the Himalayas, in Nepal, or to travel all around the states in the US. I'm actually quite happy that I can go to Nepal for my service trip! 

Day 11: Favourite Outfit
My Nike shirts. I absolutely love the little 'sayings' they have such as 'Kiss my Sass'. :D 


  1. I love that M& M picture. Did you really take that? I want a printed A3 copy for our classroom picture. Signed by you. Next class. Don't forget. Would be even better framed.

  2. Thank you! I'll be sure to bring the M & M's picture (: