Monday, March 31, 2014

Maybe Too Much?

Mon 31 Mar 2014 (How did I even get the idea to write the date?) 

Hello World - 
I am not dead. It's just that this draft has been postponed for there were literally TONS and TONS of tests, reviews, quizzes and projects. Maybe it's just middle school. 
3 Observations: From a typical Middle Schooler's eyes 

#1: Everywhere you go, people's eyes are glued to electronic devices.
Thesis: They're workaholics or they just like their electronic devices. 
Secret Confession: i am an iphone addict. 

#2: Social Media is getting big. 
Thesis: Even though we meet friends, we are still attached to our phones. 

#3: Earphones in ears.
Thesis: The majority of the people are listening to music, it's unusual. 
Audiobooks vs Books

It's the holidays (can I hear a whoop whoop), so I decided to get back with books. I asked my friends for recommendations of books and their responses were to go to and get some audiobooks. Without thinking, I went to Audible, (an audiobook website) to get some audiobooks of books I wanted to read. But just about I was about to purchase audiobooks, I hesitated. I really didn't know which one I should buy, so I wanted to get some opinions on audiobooks. Are books better than audiobooks? 

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