Monday, March 24, 2014

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Sun 23 Mar 

Hello World - 
May I have your attention please. 
Quick Apologies, I have been very busy this moth with school work so I couldn't write anything. On the bright side, I'll be back power blogging! Yes, I promise to finish the rest of the blogging challenge, and I wanted to try this and that ( a lot of things) to try on my blog. If you have any suggestions I can do, comment it in the comment section below please! ((: 
*Warning: Expect the Unexpected. 

#1: Infographic 

An infographic is a visual representation of information or data. Reason I chose to start out with an infographic was because recently we finished our Humanities formative task, to make an infographic on comparing your own country with Vietnam. (below is my infographic)
A small pop question: Do you see any connection with ROK (Republic of Korea) and Vietnam? (Hint: It is somewhere on the infographic)

As you can see, Vietnam obviously has more population and labour force. Shouldn't that mean Vietnam earns more money than Korea? Well, the answer is no! More people and labour force doesn't always mean more money. I thought this was a very interesting observation, since most of my classmates said that more population + labour force = more money. 

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